Type and lettering by TIENMIN LIAO

BirchboxMan Logotype Refinement

Work done at Siegel+Gale

CD: Kate Hilliard

DD: Jonathan Field

Logotype Refinement: TienMin Liao



1. When the tittle of the i was changed from a dot to a diamond-shape, it sticks out from the rest of the letters.

2. The logotype will appear on website and be printed small on the box. The original logotype sketch needs to be optimized to be set in a small size.


Solution—Redrew the type completely:

1. Decreasing the x-height to leave space for the diamond-shape tittle, and create a better relationship between B and i.

2. Opening up the counter to increase legibility, also opening up the joint, which make the logotype sharper helps and help distinguish the a from the o ; Increasing letter spacing for use in small size.


Copyright © 2019. TIENMIN LIAO

Copyright © 2019. TIENMIN LIAO